Monday, September 26, 2016

The Family First Prevention Act

The Family First Prevention Services Act is a landmark piece of legislation that will at least begin the process of ending the kidnapping, rape, and murder of our children. For those of you out there who haven't been blessed with a home invasion by the Child Protective Services, affectionately known as the “CPS,” let me clue you in. Back in the day it was commonly held that your home was your castle, and all things within were safe. Your children were safe, too. Daddy went to work, mommy cleaned and cooked, and little sister always seemed to pee the bed. Life was good. Well, sometime back in the 90’s some fellas got together and decided they should fix all that so they started “protecting” children. When you start a “department” in government, it always starts as a good idea. Protecting the defenseless. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Things are out of control, neighbors hear the fights, kids are always dirty, and missing school, something must be done. We all agree on that.

The problem with a government department is that it perpetuates itself. It's not enough to build a road, that road has to be maintained, at more cost than the original pavement. It's not enough to protect the children in a dysfunctional family, ALL children must be protected for issues defined by the “department,” and brothers and sisters, there are a LOT of issues. From whippings to cigarette butts in an ashtray, we got to get them issues cleared up. The CPS keeps its ear to the ground. There are things called “mandatory reporters.” Cops, doctors, school teachers, and just about anyone the sees something that needs to come to the “department’s” attention, indeed, it's a crime NOT to report!

So, the CPS shows up at the door to check things out. Consider yourself in a normal house on a Monday morning, after a big football game with friends over. I'm gonna tell you right now that there are dishes in the sink. In fact, most likely the trash hasn't been put out. Both of these things are what the CPS calls “red flags!” Red flags lead to something called, “reason to believe.” So, the CPS worker sees a sink full of dirty dishes. Your home is untidy. Beer cans
In the trash. Looks like an alcohol problem. Gonna need some drug testing here! The two year old little girl crosses the hall going from her bedroom to the bath, NAKED! That did it! Daddy MUST be a pedophile! Daddy gets upset at this insinuation, he's aggressive. Why this is just out of control. We gotta save these kids. Them red flags are all over the place.

The CPS gives the illusion that it's here to help. They understand. They just want to make everything comfortable. No big deal. All routine. Just go to the showers, and everything is going to be just fine. Bottom line, you lose your kids. Now, before we had all this CPS pseudo science, Aunt Jane would come running over, and take the kids to her house. Maybe grandma, or even a distant cousin. Well, the CPS fixed all that. If grandma smokes cigarettes on her porch in the morning she can't have no KIDS around. Aunt Jane, her income is just not where it needs to be, and besides that, she's a waitress for God’s sake, and everyone knows how THEY are. Nope, we gotta get us some foster care here. Foster care. Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn't it. An old couple, in the autumn of their lives, helping poor little babies out of the kindness of their heart, the the light of sweet Jesus in their eyes. Ok, now put that joint out and let me wise you up!

In my opinion, foster parents are the most depraved, sociopathic creatures on the planet. After seeing, and reading about these people I began to understand Hitler! I understood the showers, too, because I got so mad I wanted to put all the Foster parents IN them. I must be “aggressive.”Blood is blood, and Foster care is not blood. Aunt Jane would be buying shoes with her tips, but foster parents wouldn't spend a penny of their money on a tetanus shot! They get PAID to spread the love, and quite often, with little girls and boys, the spread the love quite literally. A professional foster parent can cycle children like a well oiled machine, making thousands in the process, and should the child become “of age,” no problem! Kick that little bastard to the curb, call up the CPS, and place another order. It's called “aging out.” Just check out your local prison and see how many inmates are former foster children. Why do you think they hate child molesters so bad? I Crappith Thee NOT!

A child is far more likely to be sexually abused, or even die while in foster care because foster parents just don't CARE! Hell, it ain't THEIR kid! Little Alex Hill was removed, and put into foster care because neighbors “mandatory reported” smelling marijuana coming from the house. The CPS protected her to death! Dead little girl. That daddy learned HIS lesson.

The Family First Act is simply that, family FIRST! Blood is thicker than water, and family has real connection, and real feelings for the children within that family. If there is a problem, family already most likely KNOWS, and has most likely discussed it. And, get this; the child KNOWS Aunt Jane! Even if mommy and daddy aren't there, Aunt Jane is, and besides that, her kids are too. You know those kids. The ones that played with the child ALL HER LIFE!

Senator John Cornyn doesn't think this Act is a good idea. That's unusual, because I really can't recall him taking a position on anything, but when you tell a politician that you're about to cut funding to a government agency their eyes roll back in their head, and they start sounding like the little girl on the “Exorcist!” Cornyn has his foot firmly in the door, and with bi-partisan agreement from both sides of the isle that is resonating from Capitol Hill doesn't bother him a bit. He is determined to keep the Foster/Adopt machine at fill throttle, greased up with KY jelly. Even Ted Cruz is looking at him like he's crazy.

The Family First Prevention Services Act will not cure everything, in fact it's a bit diluted, but at least it's a start on the road back to sanity, something Cornyn seems to have lost a grip on. That dog’s been eating grass for years. If we can get this act, countless children WILL be protected. Families will be preserved, and maybe, just maybe, little Alex Hill can finally rest in peace.

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